advice with matrix types and other math types

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Hey Gang,

I was wondering now that you guys have wrapped a few libraries (Fbx, USD, Bullet, etc) which have their own math types. I was wondering if you could provide any advice on the best practices?

Specifically, should we use 'owned_type', 'mirror', or 'opaque'? When looking at the Fbx, USD, Bullet it seems USD uses mirror but the other two are owned types (maybe opaque)?

Lastly, how should I handle the row-major/column-major differences? With the kl2edk I was able to control the function body of the wrapped function, but with kludge it doesn't seem to be doable?



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    Hi @scaron

    This are interesting topics that would deserve a proper article on the official documentation. I will move these questions to the development team so we can create such a document. Thanks for your feedback!

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

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    Thanks @borja

    Just wanted to add, my goal is to have my matrix type have as much compatibility as possible. Seamless conversion to and from which should allow functions from the wrapped library in a way 'extend' the existing KL matrix type.

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