FabricCore::RTVal vs Fabric::EDK::KL::RTVal

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I'm trying to create an extension that takes FabricCore::RTVal's as function arguments. Unfortunately the code generated by KL2EDK passes in Fabric::EDK::KL::RTVal function types.

Is it possible to cast from one to another? I don't see any obvious ways to investigate.

Similarily, I'm also trying to pass in a KL DFGBinding type (I'm need a bit more functionality via my extension). Unfortunately KL2EDK doesn't generate a binding for this type, and it's not present in FabricEDK.h. I also can't track down any sort of definition of this type in GitHub. It would be nice if complex types like this were implemented in extensions rather than core types, it makes it much easier for 3rd parties to figure out how exactly they work! I think I could wrap it in an RTVal to pass it in, but that gets me back to the first question :smile: .

Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated!


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  • StephenTStephenT Fabric for MotionBuilder Posts: 77
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    After a bit of searching, I think I've tracked the definitions for these KL types in DFGBindingAdapter & RTValAdapter. These definitions are deep inside of core, so from this I don't think what I want is possible (passing RTVal or DFGBinding from KL to CPP).

    I'd love to be wrong about this though!

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