about "dfgNodePath" and graph evaluation

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I have a node that returns it's own path using the special dfgNodePath argument.
Its code is:

require Util;

dfgEntry {
  basePath = dfgNodePath;

Where basePath is a String out port.

The problem is that when I press F2 and change the title of that node, nothing happens, no data is pushed nor requested. Only when I unplug and plug again a port, any port, the graph seems to be re-evaluated and the new node name is reported.

I spend a couple of days trying to figure it out if I could catch an event in the UI (the python one) and force the graph to evaluate or to be set dirty but none of my tries succeeded.

My question is then: how can I make (in the example above) the graph to re-evaluate when I change the title of the first node so that the result of it is reported properly?



  • jcgagnonjcgagnon Fabric Employee Posts: 122 Fabric Employee

    Hi Daniele,

    You are right, the graph should be reevaluated upon renaming since it could have an effect if dfgNodePath is being used. The proper fix for this has to be done in Canvas core, so we have opened FE-8558 for tracking it.

    Thank you for reporting!

    Jerome Couture-Gagnon

  • Daniele NieroDaniele Niero Posts: 233 ✭✭

    Hi Jerome,

    Ok then I will wait instead of trying to fix through the UI.

    Another thing that may be interesting, once this issue has been fixed, is updating also all the canvas variables that refers to the node being renamed :)
    that would be really sweet.

  • pzionpzion Moderator, Fabric Employee Posts: 118 Fabric Employee

    Hi Daniele,

    The problem with dfgNodePath is fixed in the branch that will become 2.6.0.

    Peter Zion
    Fabric Engine

  • Daniele NieroDaniele Niero Posts: 233 ✭✭

    Fantastic! this will be incredibly useful for us

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