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I would like to have Canvas standalone with a Z up configuration.
I was thinking that it might be as simple as set the camera's matrix but, if I'm correct with the previous assumption, I'm not sure how I can override the camera matrix.

I have already subclassed CanvasWindow and create my own canvas.py; is there something I can do from my customised setup?

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    Hi Daniele,

    I must say that I don't know what changes would be required to support Z up. For sure the camera orbit tool would need to be modified, then the "grid" drawing also. There is a lot of things in the tools / rendering that assume GL-like "-Z" camera direction too, but maybe these would work ok if the camera matrices are already adjusted accordingly. Basically, I cannot answer quickly on this.

    The camera matrix is set by the camera tool, and initialized in the camera constructor. Sounds like these are the two first things that would have to be modified, but would required to modify the InlineDrawing extension as I don't think there are "customize" mechanism for this. For example, the CameraManipulator is built in the C++ side of the viewport widget (RTVal::Create(context, "CameraManipulator", 1, &m_camera);) so it won't be easy to customize it, unless you modify directly Manipulation's CameraManipulator class.


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    Thanks Jerome,

    We will try to put our hands into the c++ UI code as soon as we will have time for it.

    Having the chance, like in Maya, to select Y or Z up will help people like us who uses the latest. The reason is that we prefer (and I assumed many other in the game industry) to create content as engine-friendly as possible and our engine is Z-up, but if I'm not wrong, also Unreal is. Therefore I assume it is a pretty common set-up for game developers.

    Obviously working with Fabric in a DCC doesn't present this problem, but the more I use Fabric and more I like Canvas Standalone :)
    I'm the only one?


  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @Daniele Niero

    As we discussed in the past in http://forums.fabricengine.com/discussion/673/z-up-switch

    We have the internal ticket FE-7191to track this feature and consider it for a future release.

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

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    Completely forgot I asked already. Sorry for spamming :)

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