Fabric For Unreal menu window not appearing

Upon downloading and installing the current build of Fabric For Unreal 4.17.1 i receive no problems, but once in Unreal 4.17.1 i have no means of accessing the Fabric Engine menu tab as i am used to.
upon the last time i downloaded Fabric for 4.15 it appeared next to the Window menu on the top bar, now it is not there.
Have i missed a step, or have things changed in the new build?


  • MathewJLOneTMathewJLOneT Posts: 2


    I downloaded Unreal on a new laptop, now both computers are running 4.17.1.
    upon downloading fabric to my laptop, i go through the same process and it works just fine. The importer window shows up and i can move OpenNurbs geometry into my projects as normal. Can someone please tell me what problem may have happened on my desktop that my laptop didnt run into?

    For the record i HAVE tried uninstalling and reinstalling Unreal, as well as Fabric; both attempts with no success.
    Anyone who has an answer please help ASAP as i have a deadline to meet very soon.

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