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I'm taking my first baby steps into learning about Canvas and Fabric, following along with the introductory getting started videos. I've come to the part where we're creating FBXHandle ports and I've run into a problem. When I attempt to enter the FbxHandle type into the added port, I don't get any auto-completion of the type and confirmation of the dialog results in an "Extension Not Loaded" error. I've checked the install (2.6.0) Ext directory and the FBX extension is in place. I'm using the supplied canvas.bat (which runs the included environment.bat) to initiate the session. However, from what I can see, the list of extensions in Canvas in no way matches the extensive list in the download package. Am I missing an "extension manager"? Any help you might give will be greatly apprciated.

Benjamin A. Slack

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  • Benjamin SlackBenjamin Slack Posts: 4
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    Ok, I think I've figured this out. What I took for a hang was a loading period. I decided to let it sit and after a few moment, the log displayed "loading FBX extension" and Canvas stopped blocking and returned to interactivity. After the loading was complete, I got auto completion on the port data type for all the subtypes in the Fbx documentation linked above.

    Further experimentation showed me that in a new session, if I entet Fbx into the required extensions of the graph, the load occurs as well, with the same results. Thanks for your help, Mr. Helge.


  • HelgeHelge Moderator, Fabric Employee Posts: 314 Fabric Employee

    Hey Benjamin,

    with 2.6.0 we've refactored the FBX extension to match the FBX API. Please have a look at the documentation for the extension. The FbxHandle is no longer supported.


    We hope this helps!


    Research Engineer @ Fabric Software

  • Greetings Mr. Helge:

    Pardon my lack of understanding, but should I get any auto-completion on "Fbx..." at all in the datatype field of the port dialog? Currently, I don not get any. I ask because I only see FBX wrapper in my Explorer Ext listing. In addition, when I attempt to drag any node from FBXWrapper's sub listing, for example FbxArchive, into the graph view, Canvas completely freezes up and the 3D viewport goes white, requiring I kill the canvas process.

    I did take a moment to examine the environment.bat file in more detail. It contained a small bit of logic at the end that had been remarked out for some reason. Re-enabling that logic resulted in a compilation of the various extensions on the next Canvas launch attempt. However, no new extensions were added to the Explorer listing in the subsequent launch.

    Again, I apologize for these stumbling questions. Just trying to find my feet.


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