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In a previous blog post (The challenges of authoring content for VR) we took a look at some of the challenges and potential solutions for building compelling VR and AR content. We’ve continued to push on these ideas and recently gave a series of presentations in London to companies across a range of industries (VFX, TV, Commercials, Architecture, Automotive and Design). We thought it would be useful to give everyone a look at what we were showing and then to talk a bit about the conclusions we’ve been drawing.

These videos cover some of the prototypes we’ve been building to look at how people want to build and iterate on content within VR/AR/Visualization environments.

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    This was a great post and it warms my heart! I am an architect using game engines, (primaraly UE4) for real time visualization of our projects. I've been following fabric with great interest over the past few months. We use a large variety of DCC/BIM/GIS/CAD software in our design process, everything from Revit, CityEngine, Rhino, Max, Maya, to UE4 and Unity, just to name a few and typically we use visual scripting tools like Dynamo, Grasshopper, Flux and max creation graph, to build our own custom tools for interoperability, etc.. I certainly see a place for fabric in architectural design and visualization. The low level fruit is of course visualization, but I see fabric helping with the creative process itself.

    I am very excited to see the rhino integration, please let me know if this is available to test. I am investigating ways of integrating fabric into our design workflow, and I'll be sure to share my findings.


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