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TrebTreb Posts: 2

I'm having trouble finding any info regarding the state of Unreal engine integration. Videos seem to suggest it was going to be part of Fabric Engine 2, but even in daily builds I can't find a trace of it.

Thanks in advance



  • TrebTreb Posts: 2

    Ah I see that it says in the release blog post that it's coming soon. Is there a way that I can beta test it? I don't need to do very complicated stuff, just hoping to get mesh and camera path into UDK for quick matinee renders.

    Thanks again

  • Paul DoylePaul Doyle Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 229 admin

    Hi there - can you drop me a PM with some info on who you are etc? The Unreal work is still at the prototype stage and we're currently focused on other areas. We will come back to it later in the year.

    CEO at Fabric Software

  • tekano_bobtekano_bob Posts: 2


    come back to it yet? have emailed see if I can get on the beta, recently installed Unreal and made some VR already in oculus, FBX <> UE4 pipeline sucks and the thought of alembic and fabric canvas nodes...

  • Paul DoylePaul Doyle Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 229 admin
    edited September 2016

    Hi there - drop me an email with your info (name, company, purpose of eval) and I'll get you onto the beta. Please send to beta@fabricengine.com

    (ignore this - I know who you are now!)

    CEO at Fabric Software

  • karmicfixkarmicfix Posts: 3

    Hello Paul, Good day to you. I have dropped an e-mail to beta@fabricengine.com. Shall look forward to your reply. I am really interested in streamlining my workflow between Rhino, 3Ds Max and Unreal.

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