Fabric for Modo beta (April 25 2016)

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We are pleased to announce that the Beta of Fabric for MODO is ready for testing! Thanks to Gregory and the MODO team for helping us get this far.

If you find any bug, please file them by sending an email to bugs@fabricengine.com so we can track them properly. Feel free to create your own threads and discuss with the community in the Fabric for MODO category! (this thread is read only).


Download the latest Fabric for Modo archive, built against the latest Fabric 2.2.0-dev daily build:




What's New:

April 25 2016:

Fixed a regression where the UV export was not working at all.

April 15 2016:

Official support for OS X and Linux.
Added compatibility with Modo 10.0.
Built against Fabric Engine 2.2.0 dev.
Fixed a bunch of bugs

  • [FABMODO-1] Crash on close in Modo with no Fabric env vars set has been fixed.
  • [FABMODO-21] Crash (or disappearing port) when renaming exec port has been fixed.
  • [FABMODO-11] Meshes exported to MODO now export the UVs.
  • [FABMODO-9] Removed annoying unnecessary errors when saving scenes with PolygonMesh ports.
  • [FABMODO-14] MODO commands now return the results of the DFG UI commands as strings.
  • [FABMODO-7] MODO now selects automatically a nodes after doing a Paste.
  • [FABMODO-6] Renaming nodes works fine now.
  • [FABMODO-5] Instant crash when moving timeline in a scene that has a CanvasPI item in it fixed.

March 7 2016:
[FE-5783] Canvas no longer keeps the focus when clicking outside the window.
[FE-6094] The Fabric environment variables are now automatically set if not present.
[FE-5944] New optional environment variable FABRIC_DISABLE_CLIENT_PERSISTENCE to disable the persistence of the Fabric core.

Installation instructions:

Please check the online documentation on how to install Fabric on your computer:

If you are using OS X, note that it requires installing the Qt 4 Framework libraries. If they are not found, you will get the following error “dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/QtOpenGL.framework/Versions/4/QtOpenGL Referenced from: /Applications/FabricEngine/bin/canvas Reason: image not found Trace/BPT trap: 5”. To install them, you can use the Homebrew package manager (http://brew.sh/). Once Homebrew is installed, open a terminal and run the following command “brew install qt4”. Canvas then should work as expected. For OS X you can also see the following video.

Make sure the following environment variable is set on your system as well, so that Fabric for Modo will run properly (see the above doc for more information):

  • FABRIC_DIR must point to <FABRIC-LOCATION>

Installing the Fabric for Modo kit:

  • You need Modo 901 SP1 or higher installed.
  • Start Modo.
  • Go into the menu "System" and choose "Open User Folder" ("Open Preferences" on OS X)
  • In the file explorer that popped up you should see a file called "MODO901.CFG" ("MODO902.CFG" if you are using Modo 902, and com.luxology.modo.901 if you are using OS X ). Note: If you have already installed a previous Fabric for Modo, you might need to delete the modo config so MODO creates a clean one, to config the plugin.
  • Close Modo.
  • Open the file in a text editor.
  • Insert a new line after <import>content:Kits</import> (approx. line 8) and add the following text:
    note: replace <FABRIC-LOCATION> by the folder where you installed Fabric.
  • Save your changes and close the text editor.

Making sure Fabric for Modo is correctly installed and working:

  • Start Modo.
  • Go into the menu Help -> Kit Version: you should see an entry called "FabricModo (version x.xx)".
  • Open the sample <FABRIC-LOCATION>/Samples/Modo/PolygonMesh_Push_plus_Cubes.lxo.
  • The first time the plugin is launched, all the provided extensions will be built for the target platform on multiple CPUs. This may take a few minutes.
  • Select the locator called 'move_me_around' and move it around. You should see a push effect on the torus.


A license for Fabric Engine is required to run Fabric for MODO (and, to be precise, a license for MODO is also required). You can get a free individual evaluation license here.

Documentation and video tutorials:

  • Documentation on how to use Fabric Canvas (i.e. the node based visual programming interface) can be found here.

  • A short video tutorial showing a brief overview on how Fabric for Modo works in order to help you get started as quickly as possible:

    password: FabricForModo123

Quick Tips:

  • There are two Fabric for Modo items: CanvasIM and CanvasPI.

  • The first item, CanvasIM, is a channel modifier.
    To add a CanvasIM item to your scene you need to go into the schematic view and choose Add.. -> Channel Modifier -> Other -> CanvasIM.

  • The second item, CanvasPI, is a procedural mesh item.
    To add a CanvasPI to your scene simply choose Add Item -> Other -> CanvasPI.

  • The Canvas window can either be floating or docked. If you want to use the docked Canvas window then you need to set one of the views accordingly by choosing Application -> Custom View -> FabricCanvas as the view type.

  • Check out the samples in <FABRIC-LOCATION>/Samples/Modo/.

Current/known limitations:

  • The persistence of Canvas graphs within Modo has a known issue which we unfortunately were not yet able to fix for this beta. When adding a Canvas item to your scene and scrubbing the timeline prior to saving the scene the Canvas item will not save its graph correctly.
    Workaround: after adding a Canvas item save your scene and reload it. Then everything will work.

  • Fabric's Inline Drawing is not yet supported in Modo.

  • The plugin is currently only available on Windows, however the Linux version should be coming soon.
  • As Fabric Engine 2 is available but not officially supported on OS X, we cannot say when exactly a version of the plugin will be available for OS X.
  • We do not have an online documentation for Fabric for Modo, yet.

Borja Morales
Technical Product Manager
Fabric Software Inc.



  • OlivierDOlivierD Posts: 13

    Thank you. I have installed it and done my first tests.
    More to come ;-)

  • PoobyPooby Posts: 122

    Can Modo Fabric accept Polygon mesh input yet? I presume not, but I don't see it on the limitations

    I'm primarily trying to help the visual programming development, in my own small way, through providing feedback on Canvas.

  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Posts: 132 ✭✭

    I have the same question. I want to create modo mesh with Canvas

    Let's say NO to Autodesk®Fabric®

  • malbrechtmalbrecht Fabric for Houdini Posts: 752 ✭✭✭

    headline: I really think we should start separate threads on discussions :)

    @Pooby : As far as I know, the 2.1.0 update on the beta mainly introduces the additional presets (like the Attributes :hint: :hint: ) but does not add features. The update list seems rather clear about that. So you'd still need to workaround (like using an Alembic cache).

    @AlexanderM : Generating modo meshes with Fabric is possible, as the output of a graph can (and should) be a PolygonMesh. This is getting displayed as a procedural geometry in modo right now, but you can change the item type to "mesh" and have a (static) result.
    The back-and-forth does not work, yet, again: An Alembic cache is a useful workaround. If there's interest in this topic, I could try to get a little tutorial hammered together.

    A problem I am facing is the handling of Fabric-created animation (or progressing procedural geometry), as modo's render system seems to quirk with Fabric graph updates at times. I sent some notes on that to Fabric support already, not sure if it is something Eric Mootz can fix or if it falls into the field of modo development. For this, also, the Alembic route is a workaround. It's sad that modo's Alembic support is so bad.


    Marc Albrecht - marc-albrecht.de - does things.

  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Posts: 132 ✭✭

    malbrecht, Oh thanks. It's nice. I was afraid that procedural (and why triangulated?) mesh cannot be edited manually

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  • mootzoidmootzoid Fabric Employee Posts: 185 Fabric Employee

    Yes, please do not use this thread for discussions.

    Simply start a new thread, thanks!

    PS: @Pooby @AlexanderM yup, what Marc wrote is correct: mesh inputs are not yet supported. They will be supported eventually, but I can't give you any ETA just yet.
    PS: @malbrecht yes, I recall you mentioning problems when rendering in the past, however I couldn't find a ticket for this anywhere. Would you mind filing a ticket for the issue, if possible with some easy repro steps and/or a repro scene?

  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    We just fixed the UV export issue with a new beta2.1 packages!

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

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