From AlexanderM: experiment to build custom raytracing setup

Paul DoylePaul Doyle Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 229 admin

"I used KL and only factory functions and methods. This is my second experience of playing with Fabric Engine. I'm not a programmer, i'm just a ICE-guy, and i dont know the real render algorythms, so the result is not fast. ICE is cool, but FE is a ICE*10^1000 times cooler :) System: CPU core quad Q6600 (ulltra old)
To download the file:
codename 'derKaiser render'"

"In this example, I tested the working process to setup "location to uvs and texture colors" principle. With settings samples 4-4-4 calculation took about 2.5 minutes on CPU Q6600.
To download the file:

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