Feature request: DrawMeshInstances that accept a Color array as input

craouettecraouette Posts: 113
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for the particle system, I use a small sphere and and the DrawMeshInstances preset. It is working very well. But I have problem to debug some part. For example, I want to color the particles according to a given attribute (i.e. computed pressure). It is easy to get the attribute, as an array of Scalar for example, convert it to an array of color, but how can I display it? the best way would be to color the sphere instances according to the attribute, but the preset accept only one color as input.
Is it possible to have one with an array of Color?




  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @craouette

    If drawing points is fine for your debugging purposes, using the new DrawAttributeAsColor node should work for you.

    Borja Morales
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  • craouettecraouette Posts: 113

    DrawAttributeAsColor requires to have a Color/RGB /RGBA attribute. DrawAttributeAsFloat32 can do the trick, but... it requires a pointSizes attribute to work and it does not provide the indices[] parameter (so, all points are drawn).

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