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I have started a loose series of tutorials based on my experiments as a beta tester of Fabric-in-modo, in the hope to interest some more modo users in this powerful alliance.
My goal is to both give basic hints at understanding and using Fabric in the first place and really benefiting from using it together with modo's strengths. Therefor I hope that non-modo users can take something out of these videos as well, even if they just skip over the modo-specific parts (which I plan to keep at a minimum, since I expect modo users to know how to use modo).

This one is using my "put some text into the viewport" extension (with a hardcoded, still unrecognized classic font), creating geometry:

This one goes a bit deeper into Fabric's execution logic and tackles on the use of variables to carry data from one graph execution to the next in order to "paint" with a mesh item and avoiding collisions:

Any feedback is welcome, I plan to do more - but would also love to create introductory videos on Fabric "alone" if that is desired. I still have that "how to deal with arrays" on my list :blush:


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