modo / Fabric geometry exchange "WIP"

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my plan was to center my third modo-Fabric tutorial around a KIT I have been scribbling on that makes transfers of geometry between modo and Fabric a bit more "slick".

The idea is to have a click on a specific modo mesh item (that is "rigged" accordingly by a single button click) getting transferred to the active Fabric canvas, even allowing for UV maps etc to get copied over. From there you would see the procedural mesh the Canvas creates (the original mesh item being hidden) - so, as of now, only world space materials would work on that. A second click (now on the PICanvas item, obviously) would trigger an export from Fabric back to modo where the KIT would delete the original mesh item's geometry and replace that with the back-imported.

Since this is a bit of work, not fully trivial and for my own stuff actually not really necessary, I would like to ask this community if this workflow (or "make the current state of geometry transfer a bit easier"-approach) is something you would like to work with, maybe share ideas, help me with getting the KIT slammed together?
If there is no interest from the modo/Fabric community, I will shift my limited spare time over to doing more particle stuff in modo/Fabric, even though I am suffering from the severe performance issues that currently presents.


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    Hello Marc - can we guesstimate how far off a version of Fabric Engine (or for that matter Modo) will be available that allows access to meshes within modo as standard? Either way, your project sounds interesting to me.



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    Hi, Aaron,

    I think that really depends on how much time @mootzoid has at hands for the modo port - and what priorities he has to set (not talking about possible further hinderances) ... in other words, my best bet would be on "no time frame yet". Which would leave us both with the fun of experimenting AND the need of the same :)


    Marc Albrecht - - does things.

  • Aaron KentAaron Kent Posts: 66 ✭✭

    I'm for that - I have set a goal for myself within Canvas and Modo to complete and render a shot I have in mind and I'm going to need a good bit of time still to get there. I watched your rock geometry creation tutorial which helped me begin to dip my toes into the Modo side of this stuff. I don't know enough about Canvas' limitations in Modo yet but I definitely know I am going to need something besides procedural geometry. My plan was to begin learning about the Alembic stuff or seeing if it is possible to build simple polygonal objects within canvas itself (much like ICE). A Modo kit for this would be a welcome addition for now I think.



  • mootzoidmootzoid Fabric Employee Posts: 185 Fabric Employee

    Hey @Aaron Kent

    Being able to plug Modo meshes into a Canvas item (i.e. have PolygonMesh input ports) is definitely on our to-do list, however I cannot give you an estimate (nor a guesstimate) when those ports will be available.


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