Next Tutorial: What's procedural geometry?

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my next tutorial (using Fabric in modo) is targeted at "what's procedural geometry anyway?" - as an example I am going to create an extremely simplistic "rope-o-matic":

Since this isn't really that much about "Fabric in modo" but more about "Fabric", I will try to find the time to get a KIT for geometry transfers back and forth between the two done before I record the tutorial - or maybe not (as it will become obsolete in the future anyway, when Fabric can pipe geometry data back and fro modo).
I do have a functional workflow for that geo-trans-stuff, but would really, really like to see some more buzz around here, since creating those tutorials takes A LOT OF TIME (tm) (roughly around 1 hour per minute of final output).

Come on, girls and guys, don't be shy! Show off what you do with Fabric in modo! Or ASK if you WANT to do something and got stuck! Enough of those "!" now!


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