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I spent the last few hours trying to get Fabric running in modo 902, on OSX El Capitan. Almost there (I hope), but now I'm stuck.

Here's my checklist:
-got Canvas standalone running and I can open sample scenes, so I guess I did that right
-changed my config file. I now see "FabricModo (version 0.900) under Help>Kit Version
-tried to set the environment variables. Not sure about this one as I'm not a experienced terminal user. I opened the text editor in terminal (nano .bash_profile) and typed:

export FABRIC_DIR=$(/Applications/Fabric2.0/FabricEngine-2.2.0-dev-modo.beta2-Darwin-x86_64)
export FABRIC_DFG_PATH=$(/Applications/Fabric2.0/FabricEngine-2.2.0-dev-modo.beta2-Darwin-x86_64/Presets/DFG)
export FABRIC_EXTS_PATH=$(/Applications/Fabric2.0/FabricEngine-2.2.0-dev-modo.beta2-Darwin-x86_64/Exts)

then save and exit.

Terminal confirms these are directories.

Now when I open the sample scene in modo I get the alert "Unknown item Type "Canvas PI"" and the channel modifier and item type are also missing.

Any suggestions?



  • malbrechtmalbrecht Fabric for Houdini Posts: 752 ✭✭✭

    Moin, Thomas,

    since I don't know whether the Fabric Support Guys are plugged in over the weekend, I'll give it a try. Note that I don't MacOS, so I am really just poking in the dark here:

    When you try to add a CanvasPI in modo, does the EventLog (modo "System" Menu/Advanced/Event Log) give any hint about missing paths?
    Did you set the ENV vars after you started modo or before (the second is the way to go)?
    I think you can leave out the ENV variables for DFG and Extensions, as you want them to be default anyway - this may help narrowing down the issue. I think Eric also creates the default environment variable if you do not set that, so maybe try leaving those ENV vars alone all together might be worth a try?

    I hope any of this can be of some help.


    Marc Albrecht - - does things.

  • ThomasDruckerThomasDrucker Posts: 16

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for responding.

    Yes, I set the ENV variables before starting modo.

    The event log doesn't report anything when I try to open the sample (I just get the alert: "Unknown item type..") and I cannot add a CanavasPI as they don't even show up in the item list.

    I erased the DFG and Extensions variables. No change.

    Do you think I'm right to suppose my problem is connected to the environment variables? To be honest, I don't even know what they are...


  • malbrechtmalbrecht Fabric for Houdini Posts: 752 ✭✭✭

    Hi, Thomas,

    hmm ... I am really free falling here ... my initial guess was that the environment variables might point to the wrong directory. You COULD compare those you set manually to those that are set in - they should match if you are using ONE installation of Fabric only (i.e. not having a "pure" Fabric and the modo Beta installed at the same time) ...

    Environment variables are actually what the name implies: They set some values to the computer's (or Operating System's) "environment", so that those values can be read from "anywhere" (meaning, the values are identical for a script that you run in /tmp as well as a software suit that runs from /home/users or whatever). "Global values", in other words.
    When dealing with a lot of more-or-less independent libraries (collections of functions), environment variables, that tell all functions where their common point of reference is, are helpful.

    I wonder why your modo does show the Fabric KIT to be loaded (in versions), but obviously does not register the server (which you should be able to spot in the event log). Could you, please, have a look into the directory that you "import" in your modo config? There should be a single folder named "FabricModo901" in there. Inside THAT folder there should be an index.cfg an a
    This "" is printing a "start" and an "end" message to the system-event log. If you do NOT see those two messages, then the index.cfg is not imported at all. In that case - if all paths are correct - I would
    a) reinstall the Fabric folder, making sure that no content is kept out by some unzip-settings
    b) make sure that no second modo KIT/plugin is interfering, for a test run, move all modo extensions (KITs, scripts) out of the way and see if you get the messages

    We could have a skype chat if you wanted ... marc_j_albrecht ... though, like I hinted at, I am not on Mac :)


    Marc Albrecht - - does things.

  • ThomasDruckerThomasDrucker Posts: 16

    Hey Marc,
    Thanks again! I'm away from my computer atm but will test this tonight.

    Will let you know how it turns out.


  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @ThomasDrucker

    Sorry for the issues in the installation process. We will work to simplify it for the final release.

    Currently, you only need to define explicitly the FABRIC_DIR environment variable. The rest (FABRIC_DFG_PATH and FABRIC_EXTS_PATH) are automatically defined.

    If you don't have FABRIC_DIR set, FabricModo will show up under Help>Kit Version but you won't be able to create any CanvasPI, which seems to be your case. Take into account that if you define FABRIC_DIR in a .bash_profile file you need to run modo inside a terminal session, otherwise the variables won't take any effect.

    Please check the following video that shows how to do it.

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

  • ThomasDruckerThomasDrucker Posts: 16


    running modo in a terminal session did the trick. Got it running now!

    Thanks borja and Marc!


  • ThomasDruckerThomasDrucker Posts: 16

    Phil, thanks, but I already have it running. See post above.

    I had a look at the sample scenes and I'm very excited about the possibilities of Fabric in Modo. So hopefully more to come....


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