evenly spaced points across a bezier

This is the first thing I wanted to test out in fabric. I modified the DNA-helix sample so that the segments are evenly spaced across the bezier-curve (and I took out the helix).

How it works: I added a function-node that uses the original points on the curve to calculate the total length of the curve and then distributes the new positions based on the positions of the original points.

I had quite a lot of crashes (sorry, didn't report them) when I made an error and looked up an index in an array that didn't exist. Once I had that figured out the crashing stopped. I'll try to recreate the situation and file a bug report.

I also noticed that navigating the canvas nodes gets slower over time. The navigation isn't very smooth to begin with, but doable. After a while it gets so slow that it's not possible to work anymore. Restarting modo helps. This is all on my ancient macbook that I use at home. On my iMac at work it's much better.

This is something I've tried before in modo using schematic-nodes, but it took a ton of nodes and the endresult was very sloooow. This new fabric version is amazingly fast.

The file is attached. I added a control locator that lets you set the number of sample-points, the number of segments and the twist.



  • mootzoidmootzoid Fabric Employee Posts: 185 Fabric Employee

    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for sharing you first Fabric in Modo experiment, really nice work!

    I'll try to recreate the situation and file a bug report.

    Yes, it would be great if you could take the time to do that... crashes are just bad, nobody wants crashes :)
    A bug report would help us fix a (possibly serious) issue we might have missed.


  • Kevin TureskiKevin Tureski Posts: 126 ✭✭

    Echoing what Eric said, please report the crash (and any bugs you encounter) to bugs@fabricengine.com. Please list out the steps that we should follow to reproduce the issue and include any necessary data and/or Canvas files. Knowing what operating system you are using and what version of MODO would also be helpful to us. Thanks!

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