Iteration on the "mesh painting tool", inspired by Max RailClone 2

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is there any interest (as in "at least two dozen people wanting to see me drowning in work") in me doing a tutorial on how to create a tool like this in Fabric/modo?

With the new UV map export it's almost possible to do it "pasta" (i.e. with noodles instead of honest lines of code), thinking of the "SciFi corridor scene". I would try to limit the use of code to a very few lines (like my Schweine-Spline preset), although it would obviously spare me a couple of days to do it in code only :dizzy:
@Pooby probably is right in demanding "beginners' tutorials to be code-free", even if that makes things a lot more complex and harder to maintain. I'd use this "exercise" to try to get some kind of "cleaned up" graph, using subgraphs and maybe even creating your own presets to make things easier.

I admit: With modo now (seemingly?) "recreating (parts of) Fabric natively" (procedurals, non-destructive tool pipeline) I somewhat expect even less interest in this idea than ever before, but I give it a "last shot", I think ... if there's only the same four cool guys snapping fingers again, we'll do a google hangout and we do this thing life :)

After all, creating tools like that ain't hard in Fabric. So much of what many modo users have been crying for over years can be done using Fabric. I am willing to join with whoever has ideas/suggestions to get some tools worked out that can make getting into Fabric attractive to modo users (meaning those that aren't that crazy that I am and start drooling for being able to write code inside a node).


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