Build Xbox ext with Scons

JM Kin TelaJM Kin Tela Posts: 89
edited May 2016 in Extensions


I'm new to building stuff with scons,
I read the docs and already install scons,
I get the boost lib, I'm ready to build the ext,
but I don't know wich path I should put on the boost include and boost Lib
inside the Sconstruct of the extension
I guess that the libs folder inside the boost is one ,
but the include i don't know...

thirdpartyDirs = {
'FABRIC_DIR': "C:\FE21\",
'BOOST_INCLUDE_DIR': "C:\FE21\lib\boost\",
'BOOST_LIBRARY_DIR': "C:\FE21\lib\boost\libs"

Well after that I'll CD into the
Scon it, and build the ext,
theen what else there is to do??,



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