Renderman and Canvas (again)

I had a few questions about the upcoming Renderman/Canvas interface. I've watched the videos, but being a novice in the high-end world I still have a few questions.

First, is Renderman connection still going to be made available, or is available in Canvas? A post from last year suggested that it was still in the works at that time, and would be available soon.

Second, I don't know a lot about Katana. I don't have access to it and my University doesn't have a Renderman pipeline. So I am flying solo in this. Will Canvas serve a similar role as Katana for lighting and lookdev?

I appreciate your time. Please accept my apologies if my ignorance is popping through :)


  • Paul DoylePaul Doyle Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 229 admin

    Hi there - the Renderman work is on hold until we ship SceneHub as part of Fabric later this year. It's taking a little longer than hoped, but we are steadily getting there. There's no firm eta right now, but it's very much a part of our 2016 roadmap.

    Katana is a complete scene assembly/lighting application, Fabric is a framework for building applications. So potentially you could build something similar to Katana if you had the resources and inclination - but our customers are generally looking at building much more narrowly scoped applications with Fabric. In fact, some of them have integrated Fabric into Katana!



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