Beginner Canvas Tutorial 04

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The Stars Our Destination! Actually just using sin and cosin and also stacking transformations.




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    Moin, Aaron,

    cool stuff, thanks for putting this together! It's really helpful seeing other people's thought process.

    If I may add some notes: You can set the timeline's "speed" to something "sane" like 24fps instead of using the maximum value - by that you have way better control over how fast the animation runs and don't have to experiment with values. Use the little input field in the bottom right of the timeline gadget where it currently says "max fps".

    Also driving the actual geometry (with the modify.transform) instead of displaying it at offset positions may (or may not) lead to problems in a pipeline situation, depending on how you "montage" the output geometry. It may create problems if you are using the geometry for simulations, for example. For what you are showing here it's perfectly fine, I just thought I add the idea of using a display.polygonmesh node (which takes an Xfo for positioning) instead of modifiyng the geometry could be helpful.

    Rotating a mesh by using the ori-component is relatively easy if you use an Euler construction: Use an Euler composition node (which gives you x/y/z and the rotation order) and an QuatfromEuler to pipe the Euler into the "ori" channel and you have "human readable" (i.e. non-mathematically-overlordish) rotation control.
    (This, by the way, can be a situation where NOT offsetting the geometry "inside" the mesh makes sense, because if you create complex rotations and then start messing with the rotation order, you may get completely different offsets for the planet if you "displaced" the planet inside its mesh, which by using the Xfo of a display node, the planet would still sit on its own mesh center, so the rotation order won't be a problem.)

    Please keep it going!


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    Thank you this is really helpful :)

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    great stuff :) appreciate the work, looking forward to more!

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    great stuff. thanks

    I'm primarily trying to help the visual programming development, in my own small way, through providing feedback on Canvas.

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    Great stuff Aaron! I'm learning a ton from these tutorials — please keep them going!


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