Using Bullet Physics in Fabric

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based on a project I helped a fellow modo user with (who needed to pipe back physic simulation data into the ongoing simulation, which modo unfortunately still can not do, despite many years of requests to allow for this), I played along with the idea, learning how to cope with Fabric's caching/variable logic to make things like this work.

The interesting bit is: The balls touch the flap (red, left side), the flap's angle gets read out and influences the amount of rotation of the rail, which itself gives back energy to the balls.

I was going to create a tutorial on how to use Bullet Physics in Fabric, but I understand that this is a work in progress by itself, and I should hold my breath for some dogfood to get eaten by The Paul of The Doyle.
Or along those lines.

One rail or another, I am happy that applying Bullet's documentation on Fabric's Bullet integration works without too much of hassle. I like it when a plan comes together.


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