MxN Matrix Implementation

Hello guys.
A while ago I needed to import and project some PCA matrices from MatLab and have written a KL extension for that purpose. It is a basic implementation of MxN size matrices. The implementation concerns the most basic operations such as transpose and multiplication. It also imports matrices from .txt files written in MatLab fashion. I'm sharing the code in hopes it might be useful to someone.


  • Gustavo BoehsGustavo Boehs Posts: 63 ✭✭
    edited January 30

    I have refactored the code in this repo to serve as an extension for the Mat structure introduced in Fabric 2.3.0. The following additional methods are implemented:
    .set(): new overloads of .set() that support setting using a unidimensional index (in MATLAB fashion, left to right, top to bottom), and arrays of indices
    .getRow, .setRow
    .getColumn, .setColumn
    .getAll, .setAll: edit vals attribute directly, useful when remmaping data
    .vertcat: vertical concatenation
    .horzcat: horizontal concatenation

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