Fabric 2.2.1 now available with support for Maya 2016 Extension 2

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We have released Fabric Engine 2.2.1 in order to add support for Maya 2016 Extension 2. In doing so, we have taken the opportunity to include a few fixes for issues that were discovered post-release. For convenience, here's the list of fixes:

FE-6522 Navigation shortcuts inside presets fixed.
FE-6639 Fixed General shortcuts.
FE-6664 Scrolling side ports works fine again.

Canvas UI
FE-6634 Side ports centered option is working again.

FE-6696 Attributes: RGB, RGBA and Quat are now correctly set when using the presets SetValue and SetValueArray.

FE-6518 Alembic: Using more than 10K entries in Alembic Store nodes no longer crashes Canvas.
FE-6622 Alembic: Corrected a bug when interpolating AlembicGeomParams due to a Due an invalid memory access.
FE-6637 Alembic: StorepropertyArray nodes are working fine again.
FE-6665 Alembic: Added support for Face Varying attributes.
FE-6744 Alembic: Curves Writer properly stores closed lines.

Fabric for Maya
FE-6688 Maya no longer crashes when opening the hypershade with a Canvas Node.
FE-6689 Inspecting preset subgraphs is possible again.
FE-6679 Toggle renderer check is working fine again.

As always, you can download Fabric from the Get Fabric page.

Team Fabric


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