A suggestion for anyone having trouble getting Fabric running

Ok. I can do some scripting (mostly just mel. I haven't gotten into python much yet), and a very long time ago I even learned some actual programming (I've forgotten a lot of that sadly), but I was having real difficulty just getting the canvas.py file to run.

Long story short, I finally realized that it was because I had associated .py files with notepad++, so every time I tried to run canvas.py through the command prompt it kept opening the file in notepad++, which I usually already have open so it was all done without any fanfare and thus without me realizing it. After re-associating .py files with python.exe, canvas.py now runs. Horray!

There are probably very few people on this thread as noobish as me, but perhaps some other green leaf out there will find this information handy.


  • That's one way to do it, though all you really needed to do was not run canvas.py, but run python.exe with canvas.py as an argument.

    So, in stead of typing this on the command prompt:

    > canvas.py

    you would type

    > python canvas.py

    On unix-like systems the program loader reads that first line in the canvas.py file (#!/usr/bin/env python) called a shebang which redirects to the python interpreter location so you don't need to type "python canvas.py". That pretty great. Windows command prompt doesn't acknowledge this, so you either need to run the python exe directly and pass the python script as an argument like above or make an association like you did you windows "opens" the python file with python.exe.

    Also, on Windows you can make a simple batch file that calls "python canvas.py". That can be handy since you can double-click on this to launch without the command line and also specify any variables you need in it.

    set FABRIC_DIR=D:\fabric\releases\FabricEngine-2.2-Windows-x86_64
    set PATH=%FABRIC_DIR%\bin;%PATH%
    python %FABRIC_DIR%/bin/canvas.py
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