Ramp/Curve Attribute

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I'm looking for an artist-friendly way to interact with Curve/Ramp-like attributes. In the current Fabric Engine version I have not found such a control or corresponding object type.


Allowing the artists to manage a Curve or ramp like attributes makes it easy for them to control things like falloff ranges or interpolation behaviors.


To implement a type and UI control to allow artist manipulation of a 2D curve type with interpolations.

  1. Implement an artist-friendly curve UI that can operate within Canvas

  2. If possible build an attribute type that can be exposed to a DCC and as such operate within major DCCs (like Maya's MCurveAttribute and MRampAttribute).



1. Canvas Standalone Implementation

This could operate on a KeyframeTrack since the interpolation and code is already available.
It supports an arbitrary amount of KeyFrames supporting interpolation, time, values and tangents.

As such only a UI would need to be build for that object type.

I personally don't know how or where to get started extending something like that. Plus Curve Editors are hardly my experience.

2. Exposing an attribute in the DCC (with UI?)

Any thoughts on this subject?


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