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So, I saw the 1.1 videos on setting up guides and rigs - however, these only seem to handle positioning and creating what ultimately amounts to joint networks. Am I right in understanding that all actual geometry deformation is currently assumed to be handled in the DCC itself? What about creating connections between the joint network that Kraken creates, and the deformation rig? Is that also supposed to be outside of Kraken's scope?

Sorry for what probably seem to be very basic questions, but I couldn't find any definitive answers anywhere else...


  • EricTEricT Administrator, Moderator, Fabric Employee Posts: 305 admin

    Geometry deformation isn't currently handled within the Kraken workflow. However it is possible to do the deformation within Fabric Engine as well with a bit of extra work. Geometry deformation is of high importance and it's on the road map but we need a few things in place before we tackle that.

    Currently, skinning the character to the joints that Kraken creates is the intended workflow. Eventually we will provide workflows for referencing geometry which is deformed and displayed entirely through Fabric.

    Eric Thivierge
    Kraken Developer
    Kraken Rigging Framework

  • barnabas79barnabas79 Posts: 20

    Ok, cool, thanks for the response.

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