Introducing Morris the Multipede

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Welcome to the first instalment of what we hope will be many starring Morris the Multipede. Most of Morris and the way he moves are procedurally generated, and we'll be using him to show how to use Fabric Engine in a more in-depth, production-relevant way. Here's a short clip of Morris, rendered in Maya using Arnold:

In this next video, Eric Mootz explains the high level controls available for Morris. It is a general intro / overview aimed primarily at artists but is required viewing for TD’s and programmers before watching the technical video which dives into the details of how Morris was built:

And here’s a deep dive aimed at TDs and programmers that dives into the technical details of how we built Morris. In it we go through the main parts of the extension and explain where and why we chose to use some KL, how the presets were generated and how blocks can be used to extend the system:

How to Get Morris the Multipede

We’ll be including this example with the next Fabric Engine release. In the meantime, you can get everything that you need to play with, explore and extend it using Fabric 2.3.0 or 2.3.1 here. Just download the file and extract its content into your Fabric folder:

For TD’s and programmers, we’ve put everything in a GitHub project so that you can have some fun with it:

Centipede Central

This discussion area exists so that you can ask questions like “how would I extend this to do XYZ?” or post your own additions and enhancements. So please let us know what you think and what interesting and/or crazy things you do with Morris. Special thanks to Dominic Werner for providing and modeling the geometry!

And More … Coming Soon

This is just the start. Our plans are to continue to build upon and extend Morris the Multipede to explain other aspects of Fabric, for example, how to leverage Kraken for more complex rigging behaviors.

Over the next several updates, we will explain how to use Blocks to control a flock of multipedes and share a blog that we've been maintaining about the "Making Of."

Be sure to check in regularly with Centipede Central for more.

Team Fabric

Legal Disclaimer: No scolopendra, centipedes or millipedes were harmed in the making of this video.


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