how does one create and edit external arrays?

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hello beautiful people, I'm trying to use the addPolygons node to create some procedural geometry, but this time I want to do it with nodes only, it asks for a mesh input and 2 Size<> inputs, and I can't seem to (for the life of me) be able to figure out how to create and edit <> arrays.

here's what I've tried:

  • create variables with the type Size<>, this works but I can't use the push node (or any of the array functions) to edit the array, so...
  • pulled every data type from the explorer but the addPolygons node doesn't seem to like any of those :neutral:

I know that with code, you can just create Size p_size[] and Size pt_indices[], fill them with stuff and then just do addPolygons(p_size, pt_indices), I don't understand why it's so picky when using nodes :tired_face:

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    array<> in KL means that the size of the ("external") array is fixed, so "push" won't work on it by definition. You can, purely type-casting, convert an array into an external one, but if that works for your purpose I am not sure.

    If your project would allow for new nodes to be defined, you could quickly scribble those that you need. It is one of the things that puzzles me about "nodal programming": One has to waste so much screen estate for type casting, if one wants to avoid quickly-out-of-the-box solutions that involve user-created nodes ...

    Not sure if this helps, but maybe you can take it as moral support :)



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