Request: Need "How to make first C++ extension" video tutorial

AlexanderMAlexanderM Posts: 132 ✭✭
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I have long wanted to ask Fabric Team or other guys to record a video tutorial of writing and compiling the cpp extensions for Fabric. Step by step on a simple example (Build Vec3 array for example) concerning only the extensions shell and infrastructure (with Visual Studio project configuration). I am interested in the algorithms, but I think it is difficult for the newbie to integrate cpp sources into FE. I think that one video will help to overcome this threshold. I believe that this will help many people to implement completed source code into FE.

I express not only my request, I interviewed a number of people, and they think that not enough information on integrating sources into DCC applications. This is a big obstacle for enthusiasts

Let's say NO to Autodesk®Fabric®


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