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thanks for granting me access to Kludge - it feels like you guys are always busy the most exactly when I am drowning in work myself, thanks to winter-biz-times ... I'll try my best to understand how to kludge, though!
Since I am someone who reads docs before he even tries to start something, I hope my suggestions are acceptable about those docs (and yes, I will try to read the rest of them as well ... I have so many questions ;) )

I sent an email to Borja about this: The VM is a temporary solution, I know, yet I think that the docs should be edited to better mirror how the VM is set up. For example the does not really match with the way pathes are set in the VM itself.

Docs in markdown are fine, but in the VM the file extension isn't linked to anything, so the user has to know that she can use the web browser (e.g.) to open the files (and may then still be missing the links in the text). Therefor I suggest having a HTML render of the docs as well (if I did just miss that, kick me).


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