Unhandled CursorKind.PURE_ATTR

scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171
edited November 2016 in Kludge Auto-Wrapping Tool

I still noticed a lot of these messages when wrapping Arnold which I thought were related to the opaque support added last week. After a little digging I see that it is actually the 'pure' keyword which Arnold is defining platform specific macros for, which was added to their API sometime around 4.2.7.x...

a snip from ai_api.h...
#if _MSC_VER && !__INTEL_COMPILER // currently the microsoft compiler does not support these annotations # define AI_PURE_ATTRIBUTE # define AI_CONST_ATTRIBUTE #else // gcc, clang, and icc are ok with these # define AI_PURE_ATTRIBUTE pure # define AI_CONST_ATTRIBUTE const #endi

The output I get for functions that have this keyword/macro seem to still be good, I just figured I would give you guys a heads up so you could improve the parser to handle the exception and then maybe, if necessary, add support for the feature.


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