symbol lookup error

scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171

I can't figure out why my kl functions aren't working. I got to the point of running my test, so far my extension only has a few wrapped Arnold functions.

[user@fabric-kludge kludge-arnold]$ kl Arnold.test.kl
[FABRIC:MT] GPU code will be compiled in guarded mode
[FABRIC:MT] Loading DFG presets from /home/user/FabricEngine-chagall-Linux-x86_64-20161018-003016/Presets
[FABRIC:MT] Registered extension {Arnold} in directory: .
[FABRIC:MT] IRCache: Not pruning since last prune was less than 24 hours ago
[FABRIC:MT] Trying to load './'
[FABRIC:MT] Codegenned extension Arnold:0.0.0 in 1.067ms
[FABRIC:MT] Loaded extension Arnold in 4.882ms (cached)
kl: symbol lookup error: ./ undefined symbol: AiBegin

From the auto generated extension file Arnold.kl...


    ) = "Arnold_AiBegin_a3feb3ce82d82f76f51e80f9d7b16861"

This looks correct to me, that long alphanumeric sequence at the end lines up with the same function in the auto generated Arnold.cpp.



  • scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171

    OK, I think it was because my LD_LIBRARY_PATH didn't include my library path. I had added it to PATH but the extension failed to load, so I copied the library ( into my extension working directory and while the extension loaded up when I called one of the functions, I got that symbol error.

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