Variable's color changed in latest daily build

Daniele NieroDaniele Niero Posts: 233 ✭✭


I have noticed that the variable's color has changed in the latest daily (chagall) build, from the old orange to a new salmon-red colour.

Is there a specific reason for this? The first time I open one of my graph with this new colour, I thought it was broken and full of errors.
May I suggest, if it's really necessary to move away from the old orange, to choose a less alarming colour? Or maybe make it optional, so that everybody can set their preferred combination of colours?



  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @Daniele Niero

    This change is expected and is part of the work done to make a consistent preset authoring colors. We are taking note on how did you feel it was an alarming color (and suggestions are welcome for alternatives).
    In any case, in Fabric 2.4.0 we are exposing many of the config values for the graphview and other parts of Canvas as a config file, which users will be able to override. In a future release we will add a UI to make this even easier.

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

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