Problem building my own C++ extension with scons

dbrombergdbromberg Posts: 2

I've made my own hello world extension example with the additional complication that I am depending on a third-party library (an unreal plugin dll). If all works, I should have a piece of KL code that calls into my third party library to do a simple math operation, and then returns back the result to KL code.

I'm currently struggling in the build step, and am getting this error:

[FABRIC:MT] [HelloWorld] Error encountered while loading extension; extension disabled
[FABRIC:MT] [HelloWorld] Error description: symbol 'RS_HelloWorld', prototyped in KL, not found in native code.

I'm unfamiliar with scons, but I've tried to setup my SConstruct and SConscript files to be somewhere between the Hello World sample and the Oculus extension, which seems to depend on Oculus libraries and headers.

I started by using kl2edk to generate a HelloWorld.h, global_functions.h and .cpp from my HelloWorld.kl, then added the definition and further dependencies to the global_functions.cpp definition.

I've attached a zip. I've temporarily commented out any external dependencies- the error still occurs regardless. All I do is open a KL enabled cmd prompt in that folder and then type 'scons'

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!


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