DFG/Canvas preset generation?

scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171

Hey Guys, Sorry for all the questions on the forums lately but I am just putting them up here for you guys to get to on your own time. I am also sure people will be hitting them in the future too. About that...

How will controlling the kl2dfg work if the kl code is also auto generated? Should I pepper in doxygen qualifiers using the .add_comment() method? I haven't tried this yet but it seems like its the right way to go in the mean time since they are essentially the same thing. I wanted to ask even though they are both 'comments' in the kl file could we add specialized methods for managing preset metadata?

ext_func.add_preset_metadata("title", ["SweetPreset"])
ext_func.add_preset_metadata("path", ["MyCompany.Exts.MyExtension"])
ext_func.add_preset_metadata("color", [Color(255, 0, 0)])
ext_func.add_preset_metadata("combo", ["option1", "option2", "..."])
ext_func.add_preset_metadata("default", ["port", "value"])
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