Fabric license (and gpu) usage in Maya's batch mode (+ VP2.0)

akrakr Posts: 1

Hi there,

I'm completely new to Fabric so apologies if what I'm asking seems obvious/stupid/whatever.
I'm developing a software (plugin) which is entirely independent of Fabric, yet ideally I'd like to ensure full compatibilty with it for my potential customers.

For the advanced type of workflow I'm aiming to provide I'm relying quite heavily on Maya's batch mode (maya -batch on Linux and mayabatch on Windows) and I was wondering what license Fabric will consume in this case? I'd assume that it'll be a 'headless' one, right?

Does it matter if I plan to use VP2.0 rendering in the Maya batch processes, will this still work in Fabric's 'headless license mode'?

Furthermore, can I safely rely on Fabric always picking the GPU Maya chose during startup on multi-gpu systems or if not, how are these resources enumerated and used in this case?

Many thanks,

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