2d image viewer?

scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171

What is the status of that widget? I would like to visualize a 2D image that is being manipulated with OpenImageIO inside Canvas. It doesn't look like it is exposed in the pyside bindings so I know I can't easily hack it in.


  • EricTEricT Administrator, Moderator, Fabric Employee Posts: 305 admin

    Hey Steven,

    We have a legacy and outdated widget ImageViewportWidget that used to allow for building simple applications for manipulated image data. Currently though we have no available tools out of the box.

    We have an ongoing ticket FE-7527 API to extend Value Editor with custom widgets from custom / complex data types. I'm adding a note to that ticket that an Image Thumbnail Widget and pop-out Image Window should be part of this work.

    Eric Thivierge
    Kraken Developer
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  • scaronscaron Fabric for Houdini Posts: 171
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