Painting Foliages on an imported model from Rhino + RAM Issues

Hi Dear Developers,

I've been using FabricEngine for a while and am I loving it...

just a few issues to report, not sure if I'm using different settings or not since I have not tried to change any settings, but here are a few issues I've been facing:

  1. The import process has been working well, but recently when I want to import additional geometry from the rhino file (I hide everything I don't want to import into UE4), the RAM usage shoots to the sky even if I'm exporting very basic geometry, and when the process reaches around the 80% mark the computer pops a massage saying that "there is not enough video memory" even though the video memory is not being utilized (I have a GTX 1080 and 32 GB DDR4, i7 6800K)

  2. the second problem is that none of the imported models can be painted on with the foliage brush despite selecting the 'Static Mesh' box. However, when I use the bucket tool everything seems to work perfectly fine and foliage get placed on the surface of the geometry that I click on.

  3. there is also the issue of collisions which I've read multiple threads about, so I believe that I don't need to mention it.

Anyway, Thanks so Much developers for the amazing plugin and looking forward for future updates

Thanks & Regards,

Saeed SH.


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