Maya Batch Render Bug?

I've created a Maya scene where I'm generating geo within Canvas & I've connected the mesh output to a polyshape node, which then appears in the viewport correctly, as expected. Choosing: Render Current Frame produces the proper output as well. However the geometry does not appear when rendered via Batch mode.

Oddly enough, I'm able to correctly batch render the example scene file 'scatter_sphere_with_sticks', which is nearly identical in setup (as far as generating& merging meshes). I've checked attributes, render flags, etc., but can't seem to find any significant difference between my scene & the example scene that might cause the non-rendering of Canvas-generated geo in Maya Batch Render mode.

I'm hard pressed to find any mention in the docs, but was able to find a similar Forum post ( -

"Are you turning that procedural geometry back into Maya geometry or is it purely the Fabric geometry? If the latter, then no it won't render. You could cache it out t Alembic and import and render that way though"

This begs further elaboration, please, specifically, what procedure correctly 'turns procedural geometry back in Maya geometry' that is not already outlined in the docs/tutorials/example scenes? What is meant by 'purely Fabric geometry' & why won't it render (presumably via DCC renderer)? Is caching via Alembic & importing/exporting the procedure to ensure proper render results? If so where is this outlined/documented?


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    Hi @QuirkEd,

    What was discussed in the other thread was the fact that the geometry that was being created using Canvas within Maya was only being drawn with InlineDrawing and the graph wasn't driving a Maya mesh object's geometry port. There is no way to pass geometry from Fabric > Renderer without converting the geometry to a Maya geometry that lives within the Maya scene (and can be selected in the outliner).

    If you ARE driving a geometry port of a Maya mesh with a Canvas node's geometry out port and still run into this issue, you should email and attach the scene.

    One pretty obvious thing to check is that if you are batch rendering on a farm, is to ensure that those farm machines have the Fabric plugin installed and also that it has access to the Fabric license needed as well.

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