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The road tool I'm working on is a project to discover how the Fabric engine integration could be useful in Unreal Engine. I intend to solve an actual problem we are facing at my day job.
The tool is in very early stages, I only have time to work on it during the weekends but I finally got to a point when something is visible so here is the first update.

On the image above you can see two road actors with different widths. The quads are laid out on a spline. That's done using a Procedural Mesh Component right now, but this is the part which should be done better, faster and in a more complex way by Fabric.

When the end of the left road segment gets close to the one on the right then they connect. The left road stores a reference to the right one and adapts to it. This turns the road network into a kind of linked list which will be helpful when it starts supporting meta data for AI navigation.

EDIT: In case the image doesn't show up:


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