Broadcast, events, interfaces etc in Fabric engine?

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Hi All

I've only just started using Fabric so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. Is Fabric capable of communicating between different instances of the program- or between, say, the standalone and a fabric plugin within a different program? Like, for instance, GoZ does between Maya and Zbrush?

If it can, where do I start looking in the documentation/tutorials in order to learn how to do it?




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    Hi @robbiecooper

    We don't have "live" connectivity between the different DCCs supported by Fabric and the Canvas standalone. Do you have any particular use case in mind that you could share with us?. The closest thing you can achieve right now is using the clipboard to copy a set of nodes from a supported DCC and then paste the content into a different supported DCC.


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    Hi @borja

    We're making some tools to automate scan capture and processing. It would be very useful to be able to trigger events automatically in Maya, Modo etc. I've only just started looking at it, but it seems like you could have nodes that represent things such as interfaces with other instances, events, etc. Would we be able to add this functionality to Fabric?

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    One way that you could research is to wrap a C++ communication library by building a KL to C++ extension (EDK), and then call it from Canvas nodes. There are tools and examples to ease this type of library wrapping.


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    Thanks @jcgagnon

    I'll take a look. Do you have any links to these examples? We're using 0MQ in other parts of the program, so potentially could use that if its not overkill.

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    Hey @robbiecooper,

    we have wrapped zeromq in the past, I can share the code with you if you send me a private message with your github id.

    That being said - 2.5.0 will contain a new wrapping tool for libraries called "kludge", with which we'll be able to wrap libraries like zeromq nearly automatically - and more importantly you will be able to do the same!

    Using zeromq to connect processes on the same machine or between multiple machines is definitely the right way to go.

    I hope this helps!


    Research Engineer @ Fabric Software

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    Thanks @helge, I'll send now

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