Proposal on display of I/O port

s_tkcms_tkcm Posts: 24


I like graphs that are easy to see.
So I want to switch the visibility of IO port line.
I know the daily build support that " all ports are displayed as half circles".
How about making the circle only IO port?
Even If the IO port line is visibility off, can determine the port type.

And I am glad that if the display of PassIN and PassIO nodes will be changed to circle and half circle icon.

cheers :)



  • s_tkcms_tkcm Posts: 24


    PassIN and PassIO nodes will be changed to half circle and circle icon.

  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @s_tkcm

    If I understand correctly, you suggest to make the IO ports circle and the in and out ports half circle? (as they are now)

    Borja Morales
    Technical Product Manager
    Fabric Software Inc.

  • s_tkcms_tkcm Posts: 24

    Hi borja.
    Thank you for reply.

    Yes it is.
    first, I want to IO port line visivility off.
    If the line connecting the IO port indicates that this type is IO, I think that it will become possible to determine by making the port a circle.
    I think the appearance of the graph will be a little simpler.

    A picture is worth a thousand my words.

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