Can't activate custom tool in Python???

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Hi, I'm trying to find a way to switch between multiples surface manipulators on the same object by script, but I can't even get the current one activated.
It can be tested by loading the manipulation_surfacepainting example and running tht following script (mostly ripped off from the C++ plugin)

import FabricEngine.Core
contextID = cmds.FabricCanvasGetContextID()
client = FabricEngine.Core.createClient({'contextID':contextID})

eventDispatcherHandle = client.RT.types.EventDispatcherHandle()
mEventDispatcher = eventDispatcherHandle.callMethod("EventDispatcher", "getEventDispatcher")
#mEventDispatcher.callMethod("", "pushManipulator", "'+manipName.getSimpleType()+'")
mEventDispatcher.callMethod("", "activateManipulation")

But it's doing nothing..
Any idea?

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