Fabric not fetching full output

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I am trying fabric to fetch few inputs from cisco Nexus switch and output displaying disconnecting with error


  c:\Python27>Scripts\fab.exe -f D:\Python-scripts\nexus-fabric.py conf  -H -u admin
  [] Executing task 'conf'
  [] run: terminal length 0
  [] Login password for 'admin':
  [] out: gl_set_term_size: NULL arguments(s).
  [] out:

  [] run: show interface brief
  [] out:
  [] out: -------------------------------------------------------   ------------------------
  [] out: Interface  Vsan   Admin  Admin   Status          SFP         Oper  Oper   Port
  [] out:                   Mode   Trunk                            Mode  Speed  Channel
  [] out:                          Mode                                 (Gbps)
 [] out: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 [] out: fc2/1      4094   auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
 [] out:

 Fatal error: run() received nonzero return code -1 while executing!

 Requested: show interface brief
 Executed: show interface brief

 Disconnecting from done.


  from fabric.api import run
  def conf():
     run("terminal length 0",shell=False)
     run("show interface brief",shell=False

Please help

Fabric version :

     c:\Python27>Scripts\fab.exe --version
     Fabric 1.13.1
     Paramiko 2.1.2

Python 2.7

please help



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