[UE4] animated Alembic caches

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Hi all, doubtless i missed a posting or doc. Examples i've seen handle static ABC only.

  1. There is support for creating Sequences, but i assume it would not apply for vertex animation, yes?

  2. In Canvas, GetMeshArray() allows sampling at a particular time, and it can be fed with GetPaths(). You'll get a PolygonMesh[], but alas you'll apparently need to expose a RefImporterObject[] canvas output allObjects to pass it all on to UE4. Is there a node to cast into this, or other options, and i am even on the page here :smile: ?

  3. time is the special canvas input name for a time coordinate from UE4, and need not be wired in UE4?

Cheers guys. I'll follow up with questions about any vertex caching implications in another post (this is really just to remind me :P ).

and am reading this


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