UV data get lost on Open Nurbs import pattern to Maya

eric48eric48 Posts: 1

Hi there,

I have tried to import CAD data (.stp) via Rhino and the FE import pattern into Maya.
Well I know that Maya can import .stp files but it was more handy to have the data structured before the import.

The CAD data imported into rhino was saved as .3dm. Inside Maya I called the open nurbs import pattern, picked the merge mode and the import was done.

Everything went well - only the UV gets lost with this method. The UV map container (or how should I name it) itself is there but it is empty.

After that I repeated the process with data created inside rhino (to exclude that there is something wrong with the CAD data) - the result was identical - nice geo but no UVs.

So is there a way to transfer the UVs along with the geo?
I am really new to all this, so may be I am missing something.

Thanks alot

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