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Can anyone provide details about the state of C4D integration? There was some news about Alpha floating around...



  • Paul DoylePaul Doyle Posts: 218 admin

    Hi there - the C4D integration work is currently on hold as we were not seeing a lot of interest in the project. Once we complete Fabric for Houdini and Fabric for Motion Builder (due this summer) we may revisit the project again.



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  • HSrdelicHSrdelic Posts: 11

    Hi Paul

    Interesting, I am surprised to hear that C4D as major dcc didn't get more attention. C4D has huge user base, hope that you guys decide to give it some love soon :)
    Btw, one of the video previews on main page on website indicates that there is C4D integration...

  • Paul DoylePaul Doyle Posts: 218 admin

    Having a huge user base is not the same as having a huge user base expressing interest in using (and paying for) a product. If we had studios approaching us and pushing for it, then we would have continued to invest in the work. It is certainly the case with MoBu and Houdini, so that's where we shifted our efforts.

    The video also shows Houdini but that's not in there either yet, so don't feel bad ;)

    CEO at Fabric Software

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