Fabric for Unreal beta 20 - Freezes Unreal on attempt at launch

Hi guys,
I am new to Fabric and just got it installed for Unreal. Upon opening up the unreal game editor (version 4.15) I try to select 'Fabric Engine' from the menu dropdown and instantly the entire editor window freezes. This might be a nube talk but do I need to launch anything else before spinning up Unreal to begin working with the Fabric Engine? Not sure if there are any hard and fast protocols to adhere to to always have fabric work correctly. Let me know if I'm missing something here.


  • malbrechtmalbrecht Fabric for Houdini Posts: 752 ✭✭✭

    Hi, Tim,

    I don't use Unreal, so forgive me if I am completely off the road - it might just be that Fabric has to compile all extensions (this it only has to do upon first run or after updates), so give it a moment and be patient, it should wake up after a while (depending on your system's performance, obviously).


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  • borjaborja Administrator, Fabric Employee Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @th_designs , as @malbrecht suggested, the first time Fabric loads has to compile all its extensions, which might take a minute. Did your UI unfreeze after a while?. Did you check the Unreal's output log that you could share with us if not?

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