'require' not required?

JeffDJeffD Posts: 20

The daily builds of FE2 Escher now sport a new version of Bullet. The new wrapping is pretty different so I've been spending some time looking at the kl code and I noticed something I find a bit confusing.

There are twelve kl files in the Bullet2Wrapper Ext, but only one, Bt2World.kl, has 'require's.(For the record it uses: Math, Bullet2, Geometry, and InlineDrawing).

This goes against everything I thought I knew :)

How do these other kl files know what's going on, are they somehow automatically being included in BtWorld.kl?


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  • JeffDJeffD Posts: 20

    Hey Helge,

    Ahhhhh! That does make a lot of sense.

    it also really helps with my understanding of what's happening with structs, objects, and the occasional bit of inheritance in the extension.



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