Optimizing FBX Character Playback in Fabric

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This is a technical article for those interested in how to get better performance from Fabric when running inside of other applications.

We recently received a support request from a customer looking for our feedback on why their Fabric graph was not performing as well as they expected. The intention of the graph was to take an animated joint hierarchy from a Maya scene, use it to drive an FBX Character with the same joint structure and draw the result into the viewport. Additionally, there was an animated alembic cache of the face geometry with a baked facial performance that needed to get reprojected onto the skinned face geometry in the FBX, masked out by an image file on disk. The final graph performed at 24fps with one character, which might not be sufficient when drawing multiple characters on screen with the same setup. This article gives a breakdown of the steps we took to get performance up to around 100fps on the same asset.

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